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About Us

Audit-NN Ltd thanks you for your interest to our company. We have pleasure in offering you a wide range of audit and accounting services. We have been working effectively and successfully in the market since 2003. We built up a reputation of a reliable company targeted at long-term cooperation with our clients. We have regular clients – companies of various industries, including wholesale and retail trade, construction and architecture, design and engineering, marketing and transport, and others - that regard us as their partner in audit and accounting servicing. We also cooperate with state-owned and nongovernmental organizations, and public funds.

Audit-NN Ltd staff are highly professional specialists that have rich experience and expertise in audit, bookkeeping and accounting for various industries.

We have our own methodology of auditing, including audit programmes designed for various industries and types of companies in strict conformity with federal audit standards. After the audit is completed we shall issue a report with a detailed descriptions of the drawbacks found, recommendations on how to remove them and references to legal documents.

We have also developed programmes on accounting computerization.

Elena Purekhovskaya, the Founder and Director of Audit-NN Ltd, is a member of the Institute of Professional Accountants and Auditors of Russia since 2006, a certified professor of the Institute of Professional Accountants of Russia since 2003, a certified professional accountant and auditor since 2001, one of the authors of the following textbooks: The Theory of Accounting (edited by E. Mizikovsky, Moscow, Yurist, first published in 2001, and Accounting Practice Book (Moscow, Yurist, first published in 2003,, from 1997 to 2005 a professor of the Nizhny Novgorod State Lobachevsky University (School of Finance, Department of Accounting, Economic Analysis and Audit), a 2001 graduate of the Russian President Programme in Management. In 2008 Elena Purekhovskaya has been listed in the Who Is Who in Russia encyclopedia.

Our company is ready to provide professional development support to your company. We hope that this cooperation will improve efficiency and effectiveness of your business.

Yours faithfully,
Elena Purekhovskaya,
Director of Audit-NN Ltd